the girl


Photo by Emily Bernard.


Emma writes with her heart on her sleeve. Every song, every album is a journey of its own. She opens up about her struggles with chronic pain, mental health, shitty men, and everything in between. Be ready.


Photo by Emily Bernard.


Music is perhaps the most powerful of Emma's vices. Her music embraces the fact that we all have coping mechanisms, and they don't all have to be destructive. Emma works within a growing cannabis industry, and is here to break stigmas.


Photo by Emily Bernard.


Everyone needs something to decompress. Let Emma's ambient, dreamy soul music take you to where you want to be. Close your eyes, let the lyrics sink in, and sing along.

behind the scenes


Born and raised in Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY, Emma moved to PDX to pursue music.


This chick loves adding tattoos to her collection. Her first tat was on her upper back of the birds on her PRS guitar.


Emma is a self-taught producer, and likes to create new soundscapes. You can catch her hanging out at local music venues, nerding out over the many atmospheres that each artist creates.